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Edwardian style boots, 1900-1910 - brown - Victoria

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An elegant Edwardian lace up boot made of suede and leather. 

The boots are typical Edwardian style with a very long pointed toe and strong 6 cm high heel that give a cool and authentic look. The slightly strong shape of the heel provides also good comfort and stability. The boots have long shoe laces of cotton and in the leather, there is a true vintage hole pattern.

The sole is made of leather, and there is canvas lining inside just like the original boots from this period. 


Soft silicone inserts under the leather insole provide good comfort and make them very comfortable to wear.

The shoes are available in:
EU: 35-43 UK: 2-10 US: 4-12 - see size chart for measurements.

Includes extra shoes and laces. 

Materials: Suede, full grain leather, cotton, leather soles and long cotton shoe laces.

Color: Brown

Name: Victoria

Brand: memery


Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Beautiful, But Returned

The boots are beautiful. Very well made, and eye catching certainly! Ended up returning due to fit. I also got the Edwardian boot with the pompadour heel to compare, both in 37, and found this one much tighter at the bridge of my foot. I have wider feet, so this would likely be remedied by going up a size. The toe is pointer on this one but the length makes up for it- no tightness at my toes. The laces on this boot are also much too short to lace all the way, would have liked the thin cotton laces that come with others. The suede is buttery soft, but I found that in person it was a shade or two lighter than the leather and so stood out more than in the reference photos online. Overall, amazing boot! Just decided to go with another offering through Memery.

Adore these!

These are absolutely gorgeous and such a striking colour. They instantly elevate any outfit and make me feel very elegant. I do have a wide foot, so they started off fairly narrow on me, but the leather relaxes really comfortably. They take a while to get on and off due to the authentic lace-up design, but once you're in the effect is so worth it! Adore these and will definitely be in the market for more Memery shoes in other designs soon

Beautiful and comfy

I bought these in brown in 2022 and have worn them so much. I decided to get the black ones so I had more outfit options with my black dresses. They don't necessarily look as though they will be comfy, but I'm telling you they truly are!
I suffer with joint problems and these boots are so comfy. I get so many compliments on them and they are timeless and stylish.

Just perfect

I've had my eyes on those shoes for a year and I'm glad I finally got a pair. They fit perfectly, but I would recommend sizing up if you plan on wearing a big pair of winter socks.
Despite not being able to fit my wool socks, I wore them Christmas shopping here in France in freezing weather and was not cold.
They are a bit tough to lace up, but that's to be expected. The end result is a very good fit on the ankle that makes them perfect for walking long hours. They are my absolute favorite and I will be ordering them in brown next.

Wonderfull Boots!!

The boots arrived in a very nicely done packaging! And they fit so well! I had to adjust the shoelaces a bit, but now they are so comfortable to wear and look so beautiful! Thank you!

Beautiful Boots

Beautiful boots. So very comfortable. Perfect.

Fantastisk flot og stilig støvle

Menerys flotte og unikke udvalg, detaljerede beskrivelser, billeder og størrelsesguide gør det så meget nemmere at vælge rigtigt.
Kvaliteten af den smukke Victoria støvle, er helt i top, og på trods af dens spidse snude og -for mig- ret høje hæl, passede den bare perfekt og vil være prikken over i’et ved specielle lejligheder.
Jeg er blevet så hooked på både kvalitet, stil og pasform, at jeg har bestilt en støvle med lavere hel til “hverdag”. Og det bliver nok ikke bare anden og sidste gang ;o)

Mary S.
Lovely Edwardian Boots

These boots are beautiful but I had to return them because I found the laces thought beautifully threaded were too much for me to spend time doing them up. I can well understand that ladies in the Victorian/Edwardian era wearing them because they had maids to lace them up for them. I would nee a maid.
Also what I did not enjoy was having to pay FEDEX £67.30 import after paying £16.00 express postage and not keeping them, those costings were daylight robbery.


These boots are my dream come true. Although I had to completely unlace them due to my chubby feet and calves, I have now replaced the laces with satin ribbon twice as long. Will also be adding rubber soles for winter days. About wearing them? I've always struggled with heels but not with these!! They are so natural to walk in and so SO PRETTY!! Hope they last and hope I get a lot of wear out of them. ❤️

Beautiful - worth the time to put on!

Gorgeous boots. I got them to go with my Norwegian bound. The boots are really pointy, but the size fits as expected so they are as comfortable as can be with pointy shoes :-) They take a really long time to unlace and tighten but that is part of the authentic 1900s experience!